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Food Microbiological Testing

Food microbiology testing

Available Enrichment Media formats



Expand your in-house PCR capability food protection testing with the QuantStudio 5 Food Safety Real-Time PCR

  • Efficient: facilitates processing of multiple assays in the same run.
  • Get started quickly: instrument is factory-calibrated for optical and thermal accuracy and delivered in a user-friendly package for quick installation and immediate use.
  • Simple Intuitive Software: enables rapid, straightforward PCR set-up, automatic data interpretation, and traceability of results.



Detect Salmonella species in food and environmental samples which incorporates optimized primer and probe components for highly-specific detection of Salmonella species. The assay has been AOAC-RI and NF VALIDATION™ validated with a variety of matrices and a range of samples sizes and enrichments, following the AOAC or NF validated methods, to reduce the need for in-house validation prior to use. The internal amplification control confirms correct assay conditions have occurred and results can be relied on. 


  • SureTect Lysis Reagent 1 Tubes
  • SureTect Lysis Tube Caps
  • SureTect Proteinase K
  • SureTect Salmonella PCR Tubes
  • SureTect PCR Caps 



A range of options including O.B.I.S.™ Identication System, RapID™ Systems & MicroBact™ range or individual biochemical reagents 

  • Four-hour aerobic incubation vs. 24-28 hours, for significantly quicker bacterial IDs and faster patient diagnosis
  • One-step inoculation decreases preparation time, increases productivity
  • Common procedure reduces material usage, saving time and money
  • A full range of options to identify over 400 organisms 

biochemical identification

Oxoid™ Biochemical Identification System (O.B.I.S.) Salmonella 

  • Rapidly differentiate Salmonella spp. from other organisms exhibiting similar colonial appearance on common selective Salmonella media with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Biochemical Identification System (O.B.I.S.) Salmonella.

  • This rapid colorimetric test delivers simple and rapid results for the presence of Salmonella spp., reducing the need for a full biochemical identification of suspect colonies. 


Oxoid™ Microbact™ Listeria 12L Kit 

  • The Microbact™ Listeria 12L system is used for the identification of Listeria species based on the utilisation of biochemical substrates and haemolysin production.
  • Fast: Accurate identifications in as little as four hours
  • Simple: No prior subculturing on blood agar, no CAMP test and no developing reagents required
  • Easy-to-Read and Interpret: Distinct color changes and settling pattern are read visually and interpreted easily using the Microbact Identification Package (MB1244A)
  • Comprehensive: Allows the definitive identification of all Listeria spp., including L. monocytogenes and L. innocua.
  • Flexible: Ideal for use with chromogenic or selective media, in clinical or food laboratory settings
  • Reliable: Substrates include all those recommended in recognized international standard methods, including FDA BAM and ISO
Additional items required: Microbact Software Program (MB1244A), Haemolysin Reagent (MB1249A). 

Latex tests and agglutinating sera for clearing or confirming presumptive positives with identification possible to genus, species or serotype level.

Agglutination testing solutions
the broadest range of tests available 

Latex agglutination products employ tried and tested traditional microbiology techniques that have a place in the heart of your microbiology laboratory. The tests are simple, easy to use, reliable and accurate. We offer solutions for confirmation of these bacteria (photo on left side).

DrySpot™ E. coli O157 Latex Agglutination Test

The test is best used in conjunction with Sorbitol MacConkey Agar. E. coli O157:H7 strains do not ferment sorbitol and, therefore, give colorless colonies on this medium. The majority of E. coli isolates do ferment sorbitol and give characteristic pink colonies. Sorbitol MacConkey Agar should be used as the primary screen. Non-sorbitol fermenting colonies can then be tested with the latex reagents to determine whether the isolate belongs to the O157 serogroup and, therefore, a potential verotoxin-producing strain.

  • Pre-dispensed reagents eliminate extra steps for faster time to result
  • Room temperature storage for up to two years simplifies inventory
  • Blue latex particles are sensitized with reactive (positive) and non-reactive (negative) antibodies and dried onto reaction cards for convenience


Staphaurex™ Plus Latex Agglutination Test

  • A qualitative latex slide agglutination test for the differentiation of Staphylococcus aureus from other Staphylococcus species isolates grown on agar by the detection of clumping factor and Protein A and/or surface antigens specific to Staphylococcus aureus. Used in a diagnostic workflow to aid clinicians in treatment options for patients suspected of having bacterial infections. The device is not automated, is for professional use only and is not a companion diagnostic. 

Salmonella Test Kit using Latex Agglutination

  • The Salmonella Test Kit is particularly suited to screening cultures due to the high predictive value of a negative result. When screening clinical specimens, these features enable decisions on appropriate patient management to be taken sooner. The kit is also ideal for screening samples in the food industry where prompt results minimize the delay associated with routine testing for Salmonella spp. contamination. 
The genus Salmonella consists of over 2,400 serotypes that may cause acute infectious gastroenteritis frequently associated with food poisoning. Since many Salmonella species infect domestic animals, either clinically or subclinically, cases of Salmonella food poisoning usually originate from animal sources.
  • Rapid—results in two minutes
  • Simple—easy to implement
  • Visual—easy-to-read results
  • Sensitive—use of latex technology makes this test more sensitive and allows identification of Salmonella spp. at least 24 hours earlier than the traditional



Thermofisher products

QuickBag™ Half Fraser Broth 

Shorten your workflow with QuickBag UVM1 Broth. QuickBag Enrichment Media is quick, easy-to-prepare, and highly adaptable to laboratory workflows and automated equipment, such as dilutors. No further supplementation is required.

The irradiated medium is supplied in transparent plastic bags—simply pop the seal to mix the water and medium segments to reconstitute in two minutes. 

TaqMan and RapidFinder™ Real-Time PCR assays for identification beyond genus and species level, e.g. specific Salmonella serovars and STEC O-groups 

RapidFinder™ STEC Screening Assay 

The RapidFinder STEC Detection Workflow is intended for use by microbiological analysts who need to test for STEC in beef samples. Combined with the Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast RT-PCR System, RapidFinder STEC screening and confirmation assays provide a comprehensive solution for rapid detection, identification, and confirmation of Big 6 STECs and E. coli 0157:H7 to meet importation and exportation requirements for the beef industry.  

RapidFinder™ Poultry ID Kit 

The RapidFinder™ Poultry ID Kit enables the simple and reliable detection of poultry meat in food and feed samples. 

The method works by detection of avian DNA, including DNA from chicken, turkey, duck, ostrich, goose, and other birds, by real-time PCR. 

Unlike ELISA based methods, when used with the GMO Extraction Kit (Cat. No. 4466336) for sample preparation, the RapidFinder™ Poultry ID Kit detects both raw and processed poultry meat and provides sensitivity down to 0.01% poultry DNA. 

The included positive control in the kit, which comprises 0.1% poultry DNA, can be used as a reference to set the threshold of detection of the assay. 

Atmosphere Generation System 

The atmospheric oxygen in the jar is rapidly absorbed with the simultaneous generation of carbon dioxide.

This novel method differs from others commonly used in that the reaction proceeds with no evolution of hydrogen, and therefore, does not require a catalyst

When used as directed, the AnaeroGen sachet will reduce the oxygen level in the jar to below 1% within 30 minutes.

The resulting carbon dioxide level will be between 9% and 13%.

AnaeroGen was used in methodology for detecting bifidobacteria in meat and meat products in an investigation into the suitability of these organisms as indicators of faecal contamination. 

Stains & Reagents 

  • Easy to use: crush the ampule, invert, and dispense
  • Extended shelf life and room temperature storage 
  • Quick and easy dispensing of individual drops 
  • Multiple stains and reagents available 

BactiDrop™ Acridine Orange
BactiDrop™ Calcofluor White BactiDrop™ Desoxycholate BactiDrop™ Dobell & O’Connor Iodine
BactiDrop™ Ferric Chloride BactiDrop™ India Ink BactiDrop™ Indole, Ehrlich’s BactiDrop™ Indole, Kovacs BactiDrop™ Lactophenol Aniline Blue
BactiDrop™ Lugol’s Iodine

BactiDrop™ Ninhydrin
BactiDrop™ Nitrate A BactiDrop™ Nitrate B BactiDrop™ Oxidase BactiDrop™ Potassium Hydroxide
BactiDrop™ PYR BactiDrop™ Spot Indole BactiDrop™ Voges-Proskauer A BactiDrop™ Voges-Proskauer B




CAPP ecopipette

CAPP ecopipette™ Unique Advantages:

  • Lockable volume controller requires 50% fewer turns
  • Display is fully visible during hand-held operations
  • Reduced force requirement for aspiration and blow-out
  • The only pipette with fixed and variable exchangeable counter-mechanism
  • Large pad for easy tip ejection
  • Fully autoclavable pipette body (no disassembly required)
  • Double O-rings for optimal tip seal
  • Compatible with all major pipette tip brands
  • Robust design includes metal tip base
  • Lowest incidence of breakage resulting from accidental dropping or tip mounting 


The CAPPAero96 Multichannel Pipette guarantees single channel accuracy and precision across all channels due to the special design and construction of the CAPP piston assembly.

The incredibly robust and fully autoclavable pipette body offers easy maintenance, while the unique CAPP design with individually replaceable tip bases reduces the cost of what were once inevitable repairs.  


  • Exchangeable colour inserts for easy visual identification of pipettes by user or volume capacities
  • Remarkably lightweight pipette chassis for its class for more comfortable pipette handling
  • Counter-mechanism prevents accidental turning while pipetting
  • Accurate liquid dispensing across all channels for repeatable results
  • Durable build quality ensures chemical resistance, bump protection and thermal stability
  • Long-term calibration retention, even after sterilising in an autoclave
  • Each tip cone is universally compatible with tips from the most common brands
  • Supplied with a standard two-year warranty

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