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Promotion - October 2022

SBSI's Complete Blood Bank Solution

SBSI would like to introduce to you the most innovative blood bank solution which makes your blood bank management efficient, flexible and adaptability. It also improves the workflow and daily workloads of your laboratories.

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Eflexis and BBIS

Promotion - September 2022

[NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT!] Fully Automated Stool Analyzer          (KU-F20)

We are excited to introduce to you our NEW PRODUCT, the latest development of high-precision quartz-based counting chamber in fully automated analyzer!

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KU-20 Urine and Stool Analyzer

Promotion - July 2022

Haemophilus ID & AST

Having difficulty isolating and identifying Haemophilus species in your laboratories? 

SBSI got you covered! Brought to you by Oxoid, Remel, and Thermo Fisher Scientific, SBSI gives you microbiology solutions for your Haemophilus ID and AST needs:

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Haemophilus ID & AST

Promotion - June 2022

Shaping New Dimensions of Hematology Care!

HORIBA Medical brings the new Yumizen H500 & H550 with all new features through this product teaser!

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New Yumizen H500 & H550

Promotion - November 2021

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Quality Slide Programme 2.0

The QSP 2.0 or the Quality Slide Programme is a high definition imaging tool and enhance the system workflow within the clinical laboratories. This tool helps the laboratories to assess the ability of prospective examiners to correctly identify individual WBC populations and other identifiable elements.

Interested in availing the QSP 2.0? INQUIRE NOW to know how to get your very own QSP 2.0 on your 1st year for FREE!

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QSP 2.0

Promotion - July 2021

Malaria & Dengue Screening in Routine Hematology Testing

The new Malaria & Dengue Screening in Routine Hematology (Yumizen H550) provides a cost effective and fast infectious screening, a rapid screening test at lower cost than other methods, such as microscopic examination.

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Promotions  — June 2021

NEW Product Launch for F&B and Pharmaceutical Industries

Scientific Biotech Specialties, Inc. (SBSI) is pleased to announce its newest product line for the manufacturing instrumentation & controls, and meters across the Philippines. Featuring 3 Horiba's instruments for your manufacturing production needs.

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Promotions  — May 2021

SBSI's Complete Solution for PCR Testing

We offer a unique testing workflow for SARS-CoV-2 qRT-PCR testing, increasing throughput and simplifying workflow while decreasing cost for laboratories.

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