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Building since 1998

SBSI’s clinical products are mainly clinical laboratory instruments (semi-automated to fully-automated)
and their corresponding consumables. They are intended to automate and revolutionize the manual
laboratory procedures using more effective and efficient technological innovations. The in vitro diagnostic
segments actively present are:


  • Clinical Hematology
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Coagulation & Hemostasis
  • Electrolytes & Blood Gas
  • Molecular Laboratory
  • Clinical Microscopy
  • Capillary Electrophoresis
  • Consumables & COVID-19 Related Products
  • Blood Bank 
  • Immunology
  • Bacteriology
  • Patient Blood Management
  • IT Solutions: Laboratory Information System (LIS), Blood Bank IS (BBIS), Molecular IS (MIS), etc.
SBSI is currently the market leader for electrophoresis testing in the Philippines and one of the top three
in Clinical Hematology and Immunohematology. 

With its introduction of the National Institutes of Health approved G-6PD confirmation test through its Pentra 400 chemistry instrument, it is now posing itself as
a strong challenger in the medium-sized market in Clinical Chemistry.

SBSI’s newly distributed industrial products are to supplement the manufacturing production line
processes which are mainly for the measuring and controlling of gas and liquids while extending quality
assurance solutions in the industrial laboratories. The industrial segment actively present are:

  • Manufacturing Instrumentation & Controls, and Meters
  • Quality Assurance Solutions
    o Food Microbiology Testing
    o Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Currently, its new corporate strategic direction in the next three years is to expand its market reach both in scope of territories and in terms of product mix in its portfolio.

Scientific Biotech Specialties, Inc. (SBSI) is a Philippine distributor which imports in vitro diagnostic products such as medical equipment, reagents, consumables and spare parts, provides services such as trainings and technical support, and creates IT solutions to hospitals and clinical laboratories across the Philippines. SBSI also imports and distributes manufacturing instrumentation and controls, and quality
assurance solutions for the industrial laboratories in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

It is committed to help develop an excellent diagnostics healthcare system and grow the industrial market in the Philippines by relentlessly searching for affordable but innovative in vitro diagnostics and industrial solutions and make them accessible in all regions of the country.

SBSI began in 1998 and has been operating for over twenty (20) years in the Philippine diagnostics market. It has been one of the country’s leading diagnostic provider companies which are at the forefront in developing innovative diagnostics products and biotechnology advancements for hospitals and freestanding laboratories all over the Philippines. In 2021, SBSI ventured to a new business opportunity to extended its services to bring solutions for the pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.

The main headquarters of SBSI is strategically located in Makati City, Metro Manila – the economic business hub of the country. This is where the main warehouse and operational activities as well as after sales support are located to service North Luzon, South Luzon, and the National Capital Region.

The Visayas operations are centralized in Cebu City, and warehouses are located at Iloilo City, Dumaguete City, and Tacloban City. 

The Mindanao operations are based in Davao City and Cagayan de Oro City supplemented by a warehouse located in Zamboanga City.

Structurally, the company is home for more than 140 employees and divided into nine (9) departments namely: sales, product & marketing, business development, customer success & communications, operations (service, inbound logistics, outbound logistics, regulatory affairs, and warehouse & inventory management), human resources, admin, finance & accounting, and IT departments.

The sales, product & marketing departments are composed of registered medical technologists (RMT), biologists, engineers, and nurses who are responsible for the development of various products and market in their respective territories. 

The service team is composed of registered engineers who provides maintenance and technical support to more than 2,000 installed instruments all over the Philippines. 

SBSI has its own IT department with software developers to provide IT solutions such as Laboratory Information System (LIS), Blood Bank Information System (BBIS), Molecular Information System (MIS), Microbiology Information System (MIS) and other systems for the clinical laboratory needs.

About us

Our Vision

To become one of the preferred and trusted in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) products and services provider making quality healthcare innovative, affordable, and accessible in the Philippines



Scientific Biotech Specialties, Inc. (SBSI) is committing itself in delighting its customers to become a trusted and preferred provider of quality and affordable diagnostics products and services.

SBSI shall attain this goal by:

  • Bringing innovative diagnostics products to all regions;
  • Employing the highest level of professionalism & ethical standards;
  • Satisfying legal and other applicable requirements; and
  • Training and equipping employees to engage in continuous process and systems improvement.

How we work


To instill and execute Excellence, Integrity, Malasakit (Care & Concern) and Balikatan (Team Work) to each SBSI employee to grow the company to greater heights.


We shall tenaciously endeavor to incorporate the concept of best into our corporate culture resulting in choosing the best product that we offer and providing best service to our customers; and in so doing we will contribute to provide the best diagnostics healthcare to our fellow Filipino citizens.


We shall instill the spirit of care and concern not only for the company we work for, and the suppliers we work with, but most especially, for the customers who patronize our
products including the patients and physicians who are the final recipients of our services.


We shall observe and apply Biblical principles in our business operations, upholding moral,
righteous and ethical business practices while submitting to the local laws of our country.


We shall be sensitive to the needs of our colleagues; voluntarily provide help and support to and for each other, to ensure a happy customer and a stronger team.

About Us

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Scientific Biotech Specialties, Inc. (SBSI) is excited to announce our new look with our fresh new logo and website!

We included "I" in SBSI to our logo with a DNA strand as we represent biotechnology advancement and arrive at a new era of bringing more state of the art products & solutions that our company has to offer.

SBSI is not just a medical equipment provider but a solutions finder to your hospitals and clinical laboratories' needs.


"20 years of innovating diagnostics solutions"

After more than 20 years in the in-vitro diagnostic industry, Scientific Biotech Specialties, Inc. (SBSI) has been relentless in finding innovative diagnostics solutions to become one of the most trusted and preferred diagnostics products and services provider making quality healthcare affordable and accessible in the Philippines.

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