Hematology Analyzers

HORIBA (Bench Top - 

Micros/Pentra/Yumizen Range)

Hematology Analyzers

HORIBA (Global Hematology Solution)


An innovative design solution covering all the needs of a high throughput automated hematology platform.
Flexible and efficient, HELO* is the optimum answer to the constant evolution of your laboratory.

  • The optimum answer to the constant evolution of the laboratory.
  • The concentration of HORIBA embedded advanced technologies.
  • High throughput analyzer: 120 samples per hour.
  • Automatic slide maker / stainer.
  • Comprehensive automated slide digitalization.
  • Automated conveyor with multi possible configurations.
  • Hematology Middleware and expert validation station. 


  • Yumizen H1500/H2500 - High throughput analyzer
  • Yumizen T6000 - Automated conveyor
  • Yumizen P8000 - Middleware and expert validation station
  • Yumizen SPS - Automatic slide maker (smear and stain)
  • Digital Cell Morphology Systems

Hematology Auxiliary Products

HORIBA & RAL STRAINER (Peri-Analytical Range)

Hematology Auxiliary Products

HORIBA (Quality Slide Program)


Qualification tool for cytology staff in accordance with standard NF EN ISO 15189 

The QSP 2.0 software is a tool for high-definition imaging, didactic and very intuitive. It offers to the laboratory staff the examination of blood films, which are scanned and appraised beforehand.   

It allows the laboratory to assess the ability of prospective examiners to correctly identify individual WBC populations and other identifiable elements.

  • The subscription to the QSP 2.0 allows to receive 6 digitalized slides to be evaluated per month. 
  • Each clinical case, previously appraised, is validated by the referent of the laboratory. 
  • The virtual slides offer a minimum of 100 white blood cells to classify and allow the addition of comments on all blood populations and diagnostic analysis based on clinical information. 
  • Now QSP2.0 can be Installed and activated online. 
  • QSP2.0 is available in Single License format and Site License format. 
  • Reports are available in pdf and excel format.


ral - hematology stains & Immersion Oil

KIT RAL 555 

  • Fast Acting Variation of May-Grunwald Giemsa Staining
  • Fast & Efficient Staining
  • 15 Seconds Staining for Blood Smear
  • Applications
    - Hematology (Blood & Bone Marrow Smears)
    - Parasitology
    - Histology
    - Spermiology
    - Cyto-Bacteriology 

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RAL Immersion Oil

  • Comfort of Use - The profiled vial DropStick® of RAL Immersion oil has no cap and comes with a built-in dropper. Thanks to the DropStand® rack you can always have the pair within easy reach.
  • Transparency - RAL Immersion Oil has an unequalled level of transparency: it has the same refraction index as glass.
  • Cleanliness - The viscosity of the oil has been designed to pour one drop at a time. 
  • The concept DropStick®- DropStand® allows an accurate use and no leak on your workbench. 15 ml = up to 650 slides, approximately 650 drops
  • User Safety - RAL Immersion Oil contains no toxic substances.

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