Blood Bank Solutions

GRIFOLS - Immunohematology Testing

Blood Bank Solutions

FRESNIUS KABI - Blood Collection, Processing, Preservation

CompoLab TS

Innovative hemoglobin screening technology

  • Small device for measuring hemoglobin out of human whole blood
  • Detection is within 1-2 seconds 
  • With built in battery (approx 40 hours if fully charged battery) 
  • No reagent cuvettes 
  • Self control between every measurement


Blood Bank Solutions

DYNEX - Blood Screening



Run any assay from any vendor

  • Fully automated open system
  • Ability to bring in tests that are currently being sent out
  • Automated sample distribution, incubation, reagent addition, washing and detection steps of assays as defined by the manufacturer. The lab can customize assay parameters, assay steps, OD read settings, result calculations, quality control checks and report formats with ease 



Built for Dependability

  • Unique dispense synchronization helps eliminate plate drift for consistent reliable results across the plate
  • Automatic data reduction help manage complex assay results calculation with ease thus reducing calculation errors and increasing accuracy and trust in results

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